Peace Without Borders is moving forward with all inclusive and all encompassing approach and has creatively designed set of activities that actively engage people from all cadres and colors of life. Few of the activities are as follows;

A- Peace Camps
Peace Camps are our activities at academic institutions where we engage with students via dialogue on peace. Using techniques of performing arts, especially live theatre on the subject of peace and countering extremism is one of the key features of Peace Camps.

B- Meditation Retreats
PWB believes that the outer peace is not possible without inner peace. It advocates the philosophy of “Peace in – Peace Out” (PIPO). Meditation retreats inculcate the deeper understanding of peace and inner peace in individuals and help them improve their focus, which resultantly helps them become peaceful citizens.

C- Peace Education
Peace Education is our academic discourse on the subjects of extremism, radicalism, violent extremism (VE), radicalism to violent extremism (RVE) , countering violent extremism (CVE) and building a counter narrative (narrative of peace) in the society. We’d be benefiting from and popularizing work done on peace education and development by the authors from around the world.

D- Together For Peace (Radio Show)
TfT is our weekly radio program that on FM100 Islamabad Pakistan that shares the mandate of PeaceWithoutBorders by inviting various peace experts, academics, peace activists, writers and bloggers on peace, and people from different strata of life who would share their experiences on peace building.

E- Amn Baithaks (Peace Sittings)
Amn Baithaks are our casual biweekly sittings in Islamabad where likeminded people get together to talk about peace and its various dimensions. The purpose behind this is to open up a culture of dialogue, discussion and reasoning. Amn Baithaks also welcome book readers, storytellers and people who love art and use art for peace development. Amn Baithaks makes sure presence of at least one subject specialist in each sitting.

F- Fellowships
Fellowships are extensive programs specially designed for individuals who wish to become peace experts and master trainers in the field of peace development and counter extremism. It cultivates deep inner peace into individuals and also trains them academically. There are two main fellowships. A- Junior Fellowship Program (JFP) that invites children upto 17 years of age. Whereas (B) Salamti Fellowship Program (SFP) trains young people from 18 years of age onwards.

G- Theatre for Peace
Surveys have revealed that live theatre has very powerful impacts on individuals. PWB plans to engage various performing arts societies and theatre groups for this who’d be performing during Peace camps, meditation retreats and fellowship programs.

H- Travel for Peace
Social mobility enhances the exposure that eventually helps in making people less judgmental and more about life and the way of living and perceiving matters. We soon shall be providing a platform where you would be able to register yourself as ‘hosts’ and PWB would connect you with the people of your interest.