A- Peace Camps (PCs)

20 in total, Peace Camp is 1-day thematic advocacy, training and capacity enhancement activity at universities/academic institutes and Madaris (religious seminaries) on Peace Development and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). Each PC is undertaking 100-150 students and conducting awareness raising and training sessions on the adversaries of hatred and extremism, need and utility of narratives of Peace, CAN, CVE and community resilience etc.

Amnbassadors – The Ambassadors of Amn (Peace) are the campus, representatives, individuals from CSOs and ‘multipliers’ of project. Each campus has two Amnbassadors, one male and one female whose capacity is enhanced as to act as first responders to the incidences of violence and extremism. Amnbassadors constantly remain in touch with team SFEA. Peace Corners – Peace Corners are the designated spaces in each University/seminary that have ‘peace literature’, publications of project and essentially the corners for dialogue and discussion. The Amnbassadors are encouraged to hold their weekly/monthly meetings at the Peace Corners. Peace Incubator – Peace Incubator are two corners at SFEA’s office where individuals from Peace Camps or in general come and receive more coaching or information on the subject of Peace, CVE and CAN . Peace incubator has literature on peace and CVE, including subscriptions of the magazines, research journals on peace.