Partners in Peace

Partners are the organizations that support the mandate of Peace Without Borders Pakistan and have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with us.
We shall soon be uploading details about our partners. If you represent any organization that has a similar mandate, please write us at with the subject “Partner”

Green Volunteers

Green Volunteers has a goal to have a pool of self-motivated youth volunteers in all the major cities (especially the provincial capitals) of Pakistan who can be mobilized and called upon for any activity that proposes to bring a positive social change in the society. Green Volunteers have been working on various initiatives of social change since 2010. You can visit their official page (tagged above) for their ongoing ventures.

FM 100

FM100 was established in the year 1994 and started broadcasting its regular transmission from March 23, 1995, it is the first radio channel in Pakistan providing live entertainment programs round the clock and promoting Pakistan music among the population, regular programs includes Urdu pop, Panjabi and western Music for younger generation, latest films hits for housewives, Ghazals& folk songs for listeners of all ages.
FM100 is working hard

• To Promote nationalism and patriotism keeping our religious values alive

• To Provide quality entertainment to our listeners

• To encourage new talent

• To educate listeners with the latest development

• To highlight social and economic issues

• Image building & character through medium

• To grow with the technology and introduce new ideas.


Pehlaaj is a group of young Pakistanis who are working to promote peace, justice, accountability and transparency in Pakistan by using unique Applied theatre techniques. Pehlaaj is empowering Pakistani citizens by using theatre, film, social media and other artistic ways to bring awareness in the youth. The key function is to revive the arts culture for a social cause and make it more meaningful. It gives a unique platform to all the oppressed voices to come and get a chance to perform and be a change maker.
Peace Without Borders- Pakistan welcomes Pehlaaj onboard

Web Mekanics

Webmekanics is an IT company based in Rawalpindi mostly focusing on ERPs, Software Development,

Mobile and Web apps and Digital Marketing. With clients like Unicef, Ufone, ISPR, European Union,

Mobil Askari and many more.

We are proud to have Webmekanics as our partner in Peace Without Borders!


The past 5 years, through this social enterprise, called Minerva, we have helped hundreds of individuals
design great careers and introduced many others to meaningful hobbies. A significant portion of its work
revolves around helping bring out the best in people; and to help people develop personal brands that
shine. One of the key things Minerva stress on when working on values and beliefs of one’s personal
brands is the ability to empathize and accept and appreciate other people for who they are – something
Minerva believe is important in developing a culture of tolerance. Let’s dream of a more tolerant, more
peaceful world; and hope that this initiative will help do the same. 

We are proud to have Minerva as our partner in Peace Without Borders!


WANG is a professionally managed committed Non-Government youth led
Organization, active in community development. The primary focus of WANG is to
struggle to for fairer society where everyone can obtain a life of justice and dignity. To establish a
peaceful, well-educated and sensitized society, where everyone knows about
their Rights, where they can contribute in the areas of development process and avail the
opportunities jointly with respect and dignity. WANG believes on the transparency, participatory
approach and equality. Trust, confidence and accountability are our identity. We believe on merit and
hate favoritism. We maintain our commitment to getting our objective. Peace Without Borders-

Pakistan welcomes WANG onboard.

Fori Mazdoori

Fori Mazdoori (FM) is a high impact startup that helps connect workers (particularly blue collared) with potential employers through smart phone apps, website and our partners physical retailers based network. We are brining the non-tech-savvy workers onto the digital media without them needing to know any technology at all. The startup has been lauded as very innovative by the national and international telecom industry.

FM focuses on economic empowerment of women, youth and workers - each job through FM essentially converts into a 10% increase in the accumulated monthly salary of workers. FM has received several titles including: 'top 15 start-ups of Europe and Asia in startup Istanbul', 'Telenor Apportunity winners', 'Best Startup Award @ Startup Expo, Islamabad', 'an innovation award runner ups' and 'recently selected in Telenor Velocity'. We have also been featured in several national media including Samma TV, Dawn, Phone World, PTV world and Express Tribune among others.

A recent very complete interview with Phone World:
Follow us on social media:

Peace Without Borders- Pakistan welcomes Fori Mazdoori on board.


“SEHAR (Society for Empowerment, Harmony, Awareness and Research) is student’s society with the mission “To empower youth, promote peace, harmony and research in society” committed to increase the participation of youth in sustainable development of society through youth’s soft capacity building, promotion of narratives and activities of peace and harmony, and research on societal issues. Peace wing of SEHAR is educating and involving youth in Peace and Harmony activities so that they become peace promoter in Pakistan and to promote research on societal issues and policy analysis and awareness about civic rights.”

Peace Without Borders- Pakistan welcomes SEHAR as "Partner in Peace".

Pakistan Community Media Network

Pakistan Community Media Network (PCMN) is providing a forum to promote community media (Radio) in Pakistan, providing an opportunity and platform for masses in rural and urban areas to raise their voices through media (Radio).
PCMN's network supported / facilitated by over 70 FM Radio channels in Pakistan and have a support of various CSO, local NGOs networks working with communities in rural and urban areas across Pakistan.
PCMN has experienced professionals from various fields like FM Radio Channels (Awareness Campaigns, Development, and Placement, Production, Technical, Djs/Presenters, Advocacy, Project Management, Programming, Marketing & Communications) and IT, CSOs, NGOs & development sector org etc.
PCMN strongly believes in effective use of media for sustainable peace in Pakistan and came onboard with Peace Without Borders to promote the message of Peace through their network.

Peace Without Borders Pakistan welcomes PCMN on board as our "Partners in Peace"


PixelArt Games Academy is organizing the Pakistan chapter of the World-Wide Impact Jam 2016 (WWIJ), an event that will be held around the globe. The event aims to bring together game developers of Pakistan to learn, share, collaborate and create games on social issues being faced in Pakistan, all in just 2 days! Where Art meets Peace.

The Campaign director of Peace Without Borders Syed Ali Hameed will be delivering his keynote session tomorrow morning, on 'Why to use Tech for Peace is important and what could be the implications of that.'

Peace Without Borders Pakistan welcomes PixeArt onboard.

Beyond Sanity Publishing

Beyond Sanity Publishing is a youth building initiative focused on the social and educational growth of students, writers, artists in Pakistan. Being a merger of Traditional and self-Publishing, we aim to provide all profits to the writer/Artist so they can rise as a better and contributing citizen of this society. Beyond Sanity Publishing has published countless poetry works online while representing more than 200 writers from Pakistan, India and Kashmir. We are expanding our horizon to US, UK and more to create a positive image of Pakistan in the world.
Pecae Without Borders proudly announces Beyond Sanity Publishing as our partner in peace. We hope to work together in near future by spreading peace edification through literary art.

Dil Say Pakistan

Dil Say Pakistan is Pakistan’s first transmedia campaign which entails documentaries, music videos, TV shows, radio programs, virtual reality experiences, social media activities, animation series, film festivals and on ground activities across the country to celebrate Pakistan’s diversity, acknowledge its unsung heroes and enable social good.
Peace Without Borders - Pakistan is proud to announce Dil Say Pakistan as our Partner in Peace and wish to work together for a more tolerant, inclusive and prosperous society.