I- Effective Media Advocacy Campaign

i- TV Media: TV Media is selectively used for the promotion of the project. AMNQALAAB is focusing morning shows by sending its team members/experts who introduce AMNQALAAB to a larger audience. Strong and positive coverage of Peace Camps and Peace Summits etc. multiply the impacts. 

ii- Radio Media: “Together for Peace” is a dedicated program that is fortnightly on-aired from FM100. The program focuses on CVE, CAN, positive narratives inviting subject specialists, activists, women leaders, minority groups and project team. Public Service announcements (PSAs) are on-aired throughout the week before and after the program so that more audience can benefitted from the program themes. 

iii- Print Media: 54 in number, selective articles, letters to editors, blogs and media reports/press releases on peace, CVE, success stories of the project are published in one English and one Urdu Newspaper on regular basis throughout project life. This component also engage young and influential bloggers with good social media presence to write for AMNQALAAB. 

iv- Video Logs(V-Logs)/ Social Experiments: V-logs are small video messages/interviews/documentaries (3-5 minutes each) in favor of peace building, community resilience, capacity building, CVE, peace narratives etc. shared via social media and official website. 

v- Social Media Campaign: SMC compliments project activities during the entire project. V-Logs, graphics and animations are largely shared on AMNQALAAB and SFEA official pages and others including that of 60 CSOs/NGOs signing MoUs with AmnQalaab and on the pages of Amnbassadors. An active social media is the backbone of the whole project.