B- Guru Talks

Guru Talks are monthly advocacy, critical thinking, storytelling, training and motivational session in project districts lead by Syed Bilal Qutab and/or Dr. Raghib Naeemi inviting youth, activists, local communities, stakeholders of AMNQALAAB and general audience on the subject of Peace and the challenges to peace development including violent extremism, religious intolerance, sectarianism etc. An important segment of such talks are to invite the students of Madrassah and Universities at one common platform for peace and to bridge the gap between them. Guru talks are based on cultural/folk/spiritual and contemporary stories/talks/discussions that provide existing peace activists a chance to learn and connect with mentors and help prevent general masses from falling prey to extremist falsehoods. GTs are video recorded and available on the project website, social media and YouTube channel for larger audience.