Supporting our idea of peace development and agreeing with our methodology, Amnbassadors are famous young faces who are commonly known in the Pakistani society for their amazing work on different subjects. Here are a few of the profiles of those young talented Pakistanis.
We shall be uploading details about our Amnbassadors soon. If you want to be an Amnbassador, please write us at with the subject “Amnbassador”

Tanzila Khan

"Meet our Amnbassador, a girl who's synonymous for courage and motivation for the youth both at home and internationally. Meet Tanzila Khan. She's a motivational trainer, author, entrepreneur and activist but puts peace to the core of whatever she does which makes her an AMNBASSADOR"

Sadia Cheema

Sadia Cheema is serving as a gender justice management specialist, grass root level mobilization expert, advocacy and lobbying expert. she is serving voice & accountability program in district Gujranwala in Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO). She is also a part of professional media Management Company as an advisor of corporate social responsibility division. She has almost 13 years experience of working on micro credit, child labor, women empowerment, conflict resolution, and Peace and youth education. She has completed 19th South Asian Capacity Building course on gender, sustainable livelihood, human rights and peace held in Khatmandu, Nepal-2014. Sadia Cheema LFP Alumna (Legislative Fellows Program-2013) Ms Cheema is Member of International visitor council (IVC) Mishigan, US, Member of one billion rising, member of South Asian feminist network and executive member of PUAN (PAK-US Alumni network) Lahore Chapter.

Soomal Murtaza

   Soomal has represented Pakistan as Peace and cultural ambassador at many national and international platforms. She has worked as Global citizen in the peace mission by UNICEF aiming to understand and respect diversities and cultures around the world for peace. She has worked for women empowerment, United Nations Young peace delegate who has been working to achieve sustainable development goals and represented Pakistan at several national and international platforms and striving hard to promote better image of Pakistani Women.

Naeema N. Butt

 Meet this lady who inspires not just through her words, but through every action of hers. Introducing Naeema N Butt, founder of PEHLAAJ Theatre for change organization, President of World Merit Pakistan (A UK based organization), former National football player of Pakistan, Social activist, Theatre artist, General Secretary of Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network, Lahore Chapter, former Head of Extra Curricular Activities at Information Technology University, and the list continues. She is a foreign qualified theatre trainer who is using applied/forum theatre for peace, justice, accountability and transparency in Pakistan.

Talal Raza

 A writer, researcher and youth activist, working on education and peace, Talal Raza is yet another brilliant Amnbassador. He’s the Secretary General for the Ghani Foundation, an organization that provides free education to the underprivileged children. He’s an executive member of PILDAT youth parliament alumni association. Pursuing his M.Phil in Peace and Conflict Studies from NDU, he has represented Pakistan on various national and international platforms. He aspires to contribute in the filed of peace and conflict studies.

Moiz Shaukat

Meet Moiz Shaukat. He's doing his O-levels from Beaconhouse School. He believes disability is in our minds only otherwise it's nothing. He's a courageous young boy who never ever loses hope. He's working on a book on self motivation and will be publishing it soon. Moiz actively particpates in various events and want to change the perception about 'disability' and physical limitations.

Vishal Anand

Vishal Anand “Founder and Chairman at Pakistan Hindu Youth Council”, Vishal hails from an underprivileged area of Interior Sindh in Pakistan and be belongs to the Hindu community He is a Peace Builder and socio political activist working for political and social empowerment of his Hindu community in Pakistan, Vishal has successfully implemented several initiatives – including Organizing Many Youth Awareness sessions, Seminars on women empowerment, Interfaith Harmony, Intra-faith Dialogues in Marginalized Areas of Sindh and Vishal also Represented Pakistan in Many International conferences, His ability to multi-task, deliver results under high pressure and in often volatile Environments, and to find creative solutions to complex problems is combined with a deep Conceptual understanding of issues such as counter-extremism narratives, democratic values and human rights in the Pakistani and global contexts. His work and beyond represents His commitment towards creating positive social change in the society.

Noreena Shams

 Noorena Shams, our new Amnbassador, the list of her achievements is too long but to mention a few, she’s ranked 9th amongst hundred most inspirational women of Pakistan by paparazzi 2016, amongst 50 influential ladies of Pakistan by The NEWS newspaper 2016. Mentioned on more than 2000 social sites 2015 second to Sana Mir. Only Pakistani picked by UNWOMEN campaign 2016.Holder of civil award “pendent of recognition” by government of Pakistan and provincial government of KP. Record of 63 Gold 24 silver and 5 bronze medals. Represented Pakistan as Under 19 cricket player 2010- 2012.Three times all Pakistan debating champion. Two times Gul Jee youngest artist of the year. Noorena is 19 

Muhammad Talib Uz Zaman

   Talib, a young certified compliance and ethics expert, helping Pakistan to aware the massive issue of corruption. He is a subject trainer, blogger and faculty member at leading university of Pakistan. He is leading Global Risk Management and Compliance department in Center for International Private Enterprise in Karachi. With motive, “to have more growth, more corruption awareness needed”, he is working on an accountability project with US think tank, Accountability Lab to develop an easy to use anti-corruption compliance program that help individuals, organizations to assess their knowledge and educate. He has trained managers of multinationals that include Shell, Muller and Phipps, Siemens, Getzz Pharma, GSK, Maersk etc. business associations of Pakistan on compliance and ethics.

Rameez Mumtaz

 Rameez is a social youth activist working in and for Pakistan. In 2005, he and a few other like-minded individuals came up with a concept based on their volunteering experiences which led to the founding of Green Volunteers in 2010. Since then, they have been working solely on the passion of volunteerism and the various needs of the hour for Pakistan. He believes, “what we need most of all is a compassionate youth, supportive of and educated in the concepts of nonviolence in order to combat the extremism we as a society have been victims of. My name is Rameez Mumtaz and I am an Ambassador of Peace. This is why I support Peace without Borders-Pakistan."

Zaydan Khan

   Zaydan is a trainer, activist and an Actor. He has done MBA from BUITEMS Quetta. He’s Founder and CEO Organization for development of youth. He’s also Manager Training & Development Aizan Development Islamabad. Zaydan has so far trained almost 32 thousand young souls across Pakistan on various subjects of leadership, capacity building and peace building. He also holds a distinction to be the 1st trainer who went to Mehmend Agency Waziristan for training their youth. Being an actor, his 1st movie "Abdullah" got screened at canes festival France and 5 other festivals as well. 

Fatima Lodhi

 Where everyone is running a race to become light-skinned just to fit to the standards of beauty, set by the society and the media, Fatima Lodhi is the first Pakistani and the youngest Asian who went against the tide and has challenged these unrealistic standards of beauty by launching Pakistan’s first anti-colorism campaign “Dark is Divine”. She is boldly championing the dark skin color, and has become a role model for millions of people out there by making everyone feel confident with how they look. Fatima has received several national and international awards for her struggle towards making this society a place which is way more inclusive and accommodating, a place where respect for all is a must. Fatima strongly believes that this can only be achieved if everyone starts celebrating diversity and respecting differences. She always quotes her famous saying, that, “Beauty comes in no predefined Shade, Shape or Size, because everyone is equally beautiful”.

Qaiser Roonjha

Qaisar Roonjha is the founder and CEO of several initiatives in his native Pakistan including Welfare Association for New Generation, which struggles for fairer society through youth interventions, and the Chairman of Chanan Development Association (CDA-Pakistan), one of Pakistan’s leading youth focused organization.
Qaisar’s work runs the gamut – from grassroots development work to advocacy to policy. His development work includes community workshops and trainings in issues including: Leadership, Change, Conflict resolution, Civic Education, Countering Violence and extremism, citizenship, communication skills, social media activism, human rights, social enterprise, micro-entrepreneurship, youth engagement, cross-cultural understanding and safe motherhood. His advocacy work has focused largely on these same issues, with agencies including USAID, UNFPA, Rutgers World Population Foundation, British Council, Do School Global and Soliya. He is currently serving at Girl Rising Global as Campaign Manager.

Daniyal Hassan

Daniyal is a young advocate at the District Courts Islamabad. Currently he is working as the Alumni Coordinator for USAID Pakistan Alumni Association. Daniyal completed his LL.B (Hons.) from the University of London International Programmes in 2015.

During law school, Daniyal volunteered in multiple community service projects and took part in conferences on diverse themes. He was a part of a focused group discussion with the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, Mr. Ahmed Alhendawi in June 2014.

Daniyal was one of the 25 participants from Pakistan who participated in a U.S. State Department sponsored exchange program in the summer of 2014. This program (Study of the U.S. Institutes) on comparative public policy, was conducted at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

After returning from the exchange program, Daniyal joined the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN). Owing to his leadership skills, he got elected as Youth Group Director of the Islamabad chapter of the alumni network in October 2014. He has been working with the network on various projects, which include serving as the President and Founder of, “Pakistan Law Moot”, a project aimed at enhancing mooting skills of law students. In this regards, Mr. Hassan is also working on organizing the national rounds for the Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition, in Pakistan. Jessup is the world’s largest international law competition.

Peace Without Borders- Pakistan welcomes him on board as an "Amnbassador".

Sana Khalid

Meet our new Amnbassador, Sana Khalid. The past 5 years, through her social enterprise, Minerva, she has helped hundreds of individuals design great careers and introduced many others to meaningful hobbies. A significant portion of her work revolves around helping bring out the best in people; she helps people develop personal brands that shine. One of the key things she stresses on when working on values and beliefs of one’s personal brands is the ability to empathize and accept and appreciate other people for who they are – something I believe is important in developing a culture of tolerance. I dream of a more tolerant, more peaceful world; and hope that this initiative will help do the same and that's the reason, I'm onbaord.

Peace Without Borders- Pakistan welcomes Sana Khalid onboard.

Irum Zahra

Dear Peacemakers, Let us introduce you to our new "Amnbassador" Irum Zahra.

She is Pakistan's first free verse Gothic Poetry book writer. Her first book Psychaotic sold over 2000 copies worldwide and was the only book from Pakistan that reached Goodreads best poetry book of 2015 semifinals. She started 'Beyond Sanity Publishing' to help writers such as herself gain international exposure as well as the guidance and reach out that they deserve. She was recently included in a poetry anthology published in India as well. By the end of 2016, she would have published over 10 writers and artists. She's working on multiple projects right now that include blogging, reviewing, social work, public speaking, promotion etc

"I would love to be a part of your project as I am representing many international writers from India, Bangladesh, Russia, Norway, US, UK and Pakistan etc. for my projects and this project will help me gain an audience that will respond to a Pakistan which is focused on progress and growth. I would like to offer you my services, as well as Beyond Sanity Publishing's services for your noble cause." She said.

Her distinctions include;

Writer of 6 Internationally Acclaimed Poetry books, Published in US.

International Award semi-finalist for Best Poetry Book of 2015 on Goodreads.

Publisher, working with over 200 international writers to achieve their dream of becoming a writer.

Content Writer and Blogger for various websites and Blogs on Social Change, Entertainment and Literature such as The Elephant Journal, Youth times, US magazine, Writing Geeks Magazine India, Beyond Sanity Publishing’s official Blog etc.

Event Planner, Working with Organizations such as National Youth Parliament, Revelations, Josh-e-Junoon, Clean and Green Pakistan, Morango Films, BYTE, Daastan, Green Volunteers, Acts of Kindness, US Embassy, NaSCON 2016, TEDX IST’16 Speaker, Poetry Slam Karachi 2016 etc. as an organizer, Judge, Speaker, Collaborator and sponsor.

Features in Humans of Pakistan,, BBC Urdu, Almayadeen TV, Khyber TV, radio shows and interviewed by many international platforms.

Peace Without Borders- Pakistan welcomes her on-board as an "Amnbassador"

Maham Batool

Meet this lady who inspires others not just through her words but through every possible action of hers. Maham Batool an admirable writer and an artist at the same time. A content writer, for various websites and Blogs on Social Change, Entertainment, and Literature.Blogger on three websites and social media accounts with Beyond Sanity Publishing. Event Planner, working with many national level organizations to create memorable and exceptional events regarding Social Change, Youth, Environment, and Media.Volunteer, with many organizations with social change and help events and activities.Translator, Urdu to English, of many Medical Notes sent to University Of Alberta. Artist, keeping a sketchbook filled with ideas to change the way world thinks. She puts peace to the core of whatever she does which makes her an AMNBASSADOR. We hope to see Maham keep on spreading the message of peace through her brilliant artwork.

Peace Without Borders- Pakistan welcomes this talented lady on-board

Pirzada Mohammad Amin

Dear Peacemakers meet Pirzada our new 'Amnbassador', a young and highly enthusiastic Pakistani who started his political education from National Youth Assembly which is Pakistan's leading institution for the future leaders. At first he was a district leader of the house. He struggled to promote peace and education awareness. Later he was selected as Provincial Youth Minister National Youth Assembly. He was also selected as Youth Amnbassador for Global Volunteer Network. He has run different fundraising campaigns for many organizations. He was selected as honorary Youth Minister and Peace Ambassador International Peace Committee for intra faith and harmony. Pirzada was nominated among many youth leaders at the United Nation Youth Assembly. He has also represented Pakistan at world affair council Pittsburgh in global issues conference.
Peace Without Borders- Pakistan welcomes Pirzada Mohammad Amin on-board.


Mehwish Abbasi

Hello Peacemakers meet MehwishAbbasi our new 'Amnbassador'. She is well known young writer, social activist and journalist of Sindh. Mehwish has been working on Social, Political and Economic issues and writes articles in different national newspapers and online blogs. She was selected in 2014 journalist exchange fellowship, IVLP (International visitors Leadership Program) and visited Europe and US by U.S. Embassy Pakistan and U.S. Department of State. She has been awarded with several awards and certificates as young writer and activist. Currently Mehwish is editorial writer in largest circulated daily newspaper Kawish. She has been awarded with Women Excellency award, Hands media award, Benazir Award, Shaheed Rani Award and Shaheed Faqeer Lashari Award.
Peace Without Borders- Pakistan welcomes Mehwish Abbasi onboard.

Areesh Fatmee

Dear Peacemakers please welcome our new "Amnbassador" Areesh Fatmee. :)
she is a proficient youngest fiction writer of Pakistan to have made an international debut in short story and poetry, a public speaker, youth activist, intense debater. She has been nominated for Quaid-e-Azam award by Pakistan Association of Letters. Areesh been titled as Youth High Achiever by PTV World. She has been awarded at different National and International forums like, certificate of honour by Prof. Dr. Atta ur Rehman and by DG NAB Zahir Shah and Barrister in Law to PM Zafarullah Khan. Invited as a speaker at TEDx. She’s also a participant at International Essay contest by Goi Peace Foundation Japan and at International 9th Eco-Generation Enviroment Essay writing competition by Tunza Eco Generation, Korea.

Overall, Areesh is a person who believes in struggling hard for a better tomorrow. I wish to join peace without borders as a public speaker.

Peace Without Borders- Pakistan welcomes her on-board

Raj Kumar Gujar

Raj Kumar, a social and open-minded youth who prefers to live in heterogeneous communities, that’s where he learns more about humans. Raj is living life with an intention of making this world a better place to live, he thinks of himself as a conciliator, a peacemaker. He is keenly indulged in working with different formal and informal groups on the issue of social cohesion and peace building.

Mr. Kumar is a Global UGRAD spring 2013 Alumnus and has represented Pakistan at Juniata College Huntingdon PA. He firmly believes that people-people connections are one of vital and long lasting ways to change the perceptions. After coming back from States he has served Pakistan-US Alumni Network Leadership as Youth-Group Director for a year. Besides that, he’s pioneer member for US Ambassadors’ Youth Council and served the council as a Vice President for Community Serviced Projects. Last year in September, He was selected as a Peace Ambassador from Pakistan for 10th Global peace festival in Chandigarh. 

Raj has worked on issues that were very sensitive and also of great importance in the community. The projects he has lead are “District Women Action Forum” and “DIYA-Promoting Peace Through Arts, Sports, Dialogue, and Music”. He also runs a school back in his town (Umerkot, Sindh) and also a strong believer of ESD and its techniques.

Asides social and youth activism, Mr. Kumar is a freelance trainer, a part time blogger and a music promoter. He has conducted sessions and trainings on different thematic areas/topics i.e., Education for Sustainable Development, Interfaith Harmony, Youth and Women for Peace and Development, Women Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship. In future, He intends to see himself as a diplomat committed to peace and sustainable development in the best interest of Pakistan and the region. 

Ali Haider

Ali Haider is the Cofounder and Editor-in-Chief at Humans of Pakistan, a blog presenting a realistic and positive image of Pakistan through individual stories. Currently, the biggest photojournalism blog and one of the most active Facebook pages in Pakistan, the blog bridges the gap between Pakistan and other countries by shedding barriers created by national borders or prejudices and promoting peace and tolerance. Ali has interviewed more than 3500 people across Pakistan, featuring numerous stories on the blog. He believes that around every corner is a story waiting to be told and people who are longing to hear it. He considers it his responsibility to document and share powerful stories through his lens because the stories of Pakistan’s ordinary people have the power to change perceptions, clear misconceptions, and impact the lives of individuals worldwide.

Aliya Harir

Aliya Harir is a young peace activist based in Islamabad. She convenes a cross-border initiative called Aaghaz-e-Dosti (for peace and understanding between the people of India and Pakistan) one of the most passionate platform of youth voices on Indo-Pak in the region. In association with Yuvsatta – a Chandigarh-based NGO, she annually leads delegation of young Pakistanis for participation in the Global Youth Peace Festival. In conjunction with her efforts for peace, she won UNDP’s N-Peace Award – 2016. She attended the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in the United States and served as Youth Director of the Pakistan – US Alumni Network for two years. She has also attended track-II diplomacy programs in other countries.