About Us


    Peace Without Borders (Pakistan) is an independent initiative from the platform of Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness that focuses on:

    The initiative aims to work with academia, youth, think tanks, politicians, religious clerics and other likeminded organizations and individuals and under the guidance of experts/subject specialists that could be instrumental for peace development in Pakistan. It plans to design and implement CVE strategies using socio-political communication tools and all forms of media and social media. The idea of Peace without Borders was conceived in May 2015 and its informal phase was launched and registered on 16th December 2015 at SFEA’s head office in Islamabad.

    Building and emerging from powerful and established platform of SFEA, Peace Without Borders would work both nationally and internationally connecting the peace builders and seekers at one common platform. The long-term goal of the PWB is to make one global platform where peace seekers and developers from around the world could connect and share their efforts. PWB Pakistan plans to initiate its full set of activities from September 2016. Stay tuned at our official pages. The official Facebook page of PeaceWithoutBorders Pakistan could be seen at


    We aim to address all forms of hatred and extremism by popularizing the concepts of Peace, Compassion and Nonviolence. Our stakeholders include: